…And you will know us by the trail of our bread

My second ever supperclub and boy was I excited…!  Invited by the lovely Gastrogeek and amused by the name of this place aping the post rock outfit www.trailofdead.co.uk/ I was all set for an evening of madness..

The theme was “Lunacy” you see and on arrival to our secret East London location we entered the huge space and found ourselves transported to a Wonderland setting.  It certainly ended up pretty crazy but I’ll come to that later…

The enormous space where Jim lives is just perfect for this kind of event, plenty of room for tables and a large kitchen to prepare the food without being apart from our merry gang.  Interior designers by trade they had kitted the place out wonderfully, with wobbly mirrors, magic mushrooms and wonderous lampshades among other touches.

We had a goodie bag containing an Eat Me sugar flower, a Drink Me mini bottle of flavoured Vodka, which initially we were concerned might be absinthe due to it’s colour, a gift (I had a plastic nose) and a bag of popping candy which shamefully I’ve just remembered is still in my bag…

Anyhow, that was just the start as we mingled with some of the other foodie blogger types who were in attendance and wished that we all had somewhere as unique and big as this to hold our own events!

A delicious Chestnut and Chorizo soup with caramelized onion was the starter as we settled in and were even treated to, impossible to turn down, seconds.  It’s rich texture and intense flavour were just what I needed after a tiring day tramping around East London; I’d seen some real sights that day but I was so ready for dinner by the time we got here!

The second course was  pasta with Mushrooms and Tomatoes replacing the expected nettle dish because the nettles weren’t out yet, another victim of the late spring.  This was delightful and light tasting after the dense soup, we turned down second helpings but only because we were wary of getting too full!

The main course was Rabbit w/ petits pois, cider, lettuce and spiced glazed chicory (the mad march hare of course..) It was tasty, if a little tough and reminded me that my Mum had always served my sister and I rabbit in various guises when we were children despite us having two bunnies as much loved pets.  I would have been devastated at the time if she had told us what we were eating rather than chicken.  I only found out about three years ago.

After this and before the in-season and on trend Rhubarb Fool with a tasty Ginger Shortbread things started to get a little odd.  One of the other tables was getting rowdy and all hell seemed to break loose as photos were reluctantly posed for and conversations turned from bizarre to insane.  Was this entertainment laid on to enhance the lunacy element?  I don’t think so, but it certainly gave us one of the biggest laughs of the night even if there were a few uncomfortable moments!

You can tell I’m a novice to this blogging malarkey and technically challenged by lack of camera as well… however to see some photos from this event I recommend this photostream from Flickr


We managed to avoid being in any of these but there is real evidence of Gail’s birthday cake in these which was disguised and on show throughout the evening as a plant pot.  With crushed Oreos as a realistic soil its lucky I’m not more green-fingered…

To round off we had the classic “Crazy” (wobbly) desert of Jelly!

First a taster of a lime leaf effort which hadn’t quite set but was quite delicious and then a taster of absinthe jelly which was interesting but in small enough portions to not scupper my long journey back across town…!

I’m off to another of these supper clubs (Fernandez and Leluu) on Tuesday and I can’t wait

Sign up for future events here



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4 responses to “…And you will know us by the trail of our bread

  1. Gail Haslam

    I was on the ‘rowdy’ table – but honestly, it wasn’t our doing! It did fit with the theme though….

    • Ha! you must have encouraged the madness…! Incidentally – first comment! how exciting, and I haven’t even really got going yet – you must bear with me because, frankly, I have no clue what I’m doing.

  2. OH MY GOD I’ve just remembered that fucking certifiable leprechaun man and his mental song about not being Polish……

    (cracking blog by the way)

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