Melati – Gt Windmill St

I’m working myself up to write my Fernandez & Leluu bit because it was such a good night, but in the meantime I went to this great little Malaysian place last night in Soho and had to write it up…

  I love Malaysian food.
I’d almost go as far as saying it’s my favourite cuisine but perhaps that is just because of the memories it evokes of my trip there some time ago now.

We were wandering around Soho looking for this place, or the other Melati around the corner (perhaps – we never found it) and stumbled across it after sneaking down a side alley past a sweet shop.

With that sort of magical introduction, as well as a slightly crazy hall of mirrors style entrance we found ourselves warmly welcomed in a quiet but friendly atmosphere. While it wasn’t busy on Wednesday night, two groups came in who were clearly regulars and I can understand why they came back.

The satay was tasty and I wouldn’t agree too greasy as mentioned elsewhere. The Coconut rice was as you would expect and the Spicy Tiger Prawn curry had a delicious kick to it which awakened my tastebuds but didn’t linger.

While the Beef Rendang with it’s dry, rich sauce, full of flavour and with incredibly tender meat was a main I could eat again and again.

The Roti with curry sauce was what really got me though.
I’ve had nice Rotis elsewhere in London but the famous Roti Chanai breakfast in Malaysia was always as much about the curry for me and they nailed it here. “A taste of home” as the waitress suggested and I was transported from the first dip.

Decent value considering the location, I will be back.

Review is on Qype here

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