Texture Canapes and resulting Food Blogger Drunkenness…

Round two of the Sauce week saw me invited to recently Michelin Starred Texture on Portman Street.

With the volcanic ash cloud causing disruption around the world it was apt that we should come to a restaurant with the first Icelandic recipient of a Michelin Star, Agnar Sverrisson.  He teamed up with Sommelier Xavier Rousset in September 2007 to launch this place and they seem to have a good thing going.

We were briefly introduced before the champagne started flowing and the Bacon popcorn was served…

Our gang was made up of thewinesleuth, eatlikeagirl, thelondonfoodie, essexeating and mathildecuisine while Jess from Sauce filled in at the last minute as host (ironically Anna had been stuck in LA because of the ash cloud.)

Along with the champagne our Canape selection included Suckling Pig Spring Rolls with Hoi Sin Sauce (above) and a selection of crisps, parmesan, codskin and crispy bread.

We also had Salmon, Cod and Prawn canapes but better photos are available here. Courtesy of Niamh.

The food was tasty, I favoured the spring rolls and the salmon but it was all interesting and with a slightly unusual edge you might expect from a kitchen with an Icelandic influence.

It would be extremely interesting to go back and see what the main courses are like but I’m not sure I entirely feel I have a grasp of the place from this selection.

The champagne was good though and a gang of food bloggers powered by bubbles were never going to end the evening there and so the next thing we knew it was in the back of a cab for us; tweets flying everywhere as we rumbled along to Bob Bob Ricard to carry on the merriment.

It appears I take less blurry photos after a few drinks.  As we settled into one of the plush booths at BBR (a place I’ve raved about on Qype before here) We ordered the Bobcorn for our second popcorn fix of the night, and the sandwich selection, containing the best coronation chicken I’ve ever had, but more importantly wine was ordered and drunk.

Resisting the urge to press the button was hard…

I actually really liked the salo as well, which I hadn’t particularly last time.The food was good, if a little pricey when the bill came but nibbles were not enough to soak up the alcohol, at least for a novice food blogger like myself.

We ended up in secret Irish drinking den Troy just around the corner from Tottenham Court Road listening to some bluesy piano and the following morning I was a shell of a man.

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