Wild Palms @ CAMP – CMU Review

LIVE REVIEW: Wild Palms at CAMP Basement in London on 18 May
Launching their second single ‘Deep Dive’, Wild Palms set up shop in the underground bunker venue that is the Basement of the City Arts & Music Project on City Road. It’s a single produced by Gareth Jones, who has worked with the likes of Grizzly Bear and Depeche Mode to name but two.
Wild Palms’ energetic performance tonight suggested a band really getting into their stride. Indeed, they’re already starting to build a good following, and those in attendance last Tuesday lapped up debut single ‘Over Time’ with its heavy angular guitar stabs.
It was an abrasive set at times, with lights flashing rapidly enough to upset a mild epileptic. This wasn’t a gig for mild reflection but rather one to get washed over with aggressive noise. Though they are often lumped into the post-punk and art rock categories, these seem slightly clichéd terms for a band hammering out a sound with passion like this.


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