Qype: Cobden Club in London

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The lovely Sian arranged for us to come along to this private members club by a canal near Westbourne Park for a Qype Event where we were to be plied with alcohol in the form of cocktails from Drinksfusion (linked to elsewhere).

The connection is that Johan of Drinksfusion used to co-own this place and is still good friends with the current proprietors.

Now if I lived around here then I might consider joining this place, it had a nice enough vibe about it and the upstairs bar was quite cool with a band playing the night we were there. I was told that the female singer was at number 27 in the charts but I dispute that because at the time of writing that is MEMORIES by DAVID GUETTA FT KID CUDI according to the Offical Chart Company.
Now I don’t know who this David Guetta character is or really what Kid Cudi might get up to in his spare time but i’m pretty sure they were’t playing at the Cobden last Tuesday. I also am reliably informed they are both male.

But I digress, the event was lots of fun and as always the Qypers present were a fabulously wonderful bunch.

As someone else mentioned though, I’m not sure this was the best event to showcase the venue
I wouldn’t come here on a regular basis because of the location so I would never become a member and for that reason I’m only giving 2 stars..

Check out my review of Cobden Club – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype


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