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I wonder how much it would cost to have Drinksfusion come and set up in my dining room, just on call like, in case I ever fancy a cocktail or delicous canape.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling their cocktails twice now, at the great Fernandez & Lelu event and now at the Cobden Club.

While at Sianys first event Johan was on his own making fab cocktails for dinner party guests (and managing wonderfully despite the throng that was at that do) this time there was a whole team on hand to serve canapes, drinks and a chocolate fondue. We were also treated to a jazz quartet and a great bunch of qypers to mingle amongst.

There were a selection of specially concocted drinks on the main menu (of which I can’t remember the details unfortunatley although I’m sure they were indebted to Ketel One Vodka and Geneva Gin) and then the canapes were matched with shots of other drinks as we went on.

I’m a bit of a bloody mary snob but the shot variety were up there with my favourite ever (and considering that was in a defunct bar in Brisbane I suppose I should be grateful)

Canapes were great as well, the mini steak bites a particular favourite and then we got our 5 fruit a day (the fact that it was covered in chocolate does in NO WAY diminish the health aspect)

So yeah, I’d hire them for sure, perfect for a corporate shinding or a wedding. I’m not sure my budget stretches to get them to cover a barbeque but it would be fabulous!

Check out my review of Drinksfusion – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype


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