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Having not yet been to Byron to compare I can only review this place based on the night I had with a bunch of other Qypers as part of the Meat Up event this week.

So, where to start – Location is OK if you want to torture yourself by shopping on Oxford Street I guess, it’s certainly pretty central.

The “Revolution” theme – “Power to the Patty” and all that, makes for a fun environment, but it’s hardly something to take seriously – I always find these appropriations forced to the limit – what is so revolutionary about a burger?

Anyhow, I liked the vibe of the place, our waitress was a ball of energy (in a good way) and kept our margaritas topped up and was always smiling. She was bopping along to the music as I came back from the bathroom and confessed that I had been dancing under the hand dryer to the previous song. 2 minutes later she came over and had put the same song on again – that is service right there..! Personally I didn’t think the music was too loud, it was certainly noticeable but this isn’t a fine dining experience.

The food was also enjoyable, I liked the tarragon dip with the chicken nuggets and the nachos were ok. I had the Cobb burger, with blue cheese, bacon and avocado and it was very tasty – cooked well enough to be juicy and in a nice brown bun. The sweet potato fries were a winner for me, but I’m a sweet potato freak so it would be hard to destroy them.

I’m not sure about the metal bowl things the burgers were served in but it didn’t really detract from the experience.

I didn’t think I could manage dessert either but the creamy Oreo cookie thing and the brownie were both devoured quite quickly in the end, proving the theory that regardless how much meat you eat, you can still manage some chocolate.

I enjoyed it, it is a fun place for a very reasonably priced meal.

Thanks to Alex for organising it!

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  1. I have heard some good things about this place, but tarragon dip sauce and sweet potato chips sound amazing, must try this place now.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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