Qype: Old School Yard in London

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I joined a large group of Qypers here last night for an event to promote the gaming capabilities of the new Windows phone.

I don’t know about that though because I was more taken in by the surroundings.

I’m all about the beats and the lyrics so when you hear it you can feel it and this place had a vibe energized by the presence of a wide range of spirits.

With No interference we persevered to get served because The purpose was clear and the barman was here to leave our tastebuds rockin severe

Lurking in the basement,we take it back like grange hill, Gaming from N64 to table footy showing our skill

friendly staff on the grill, Cooking the full dinner (burgers and sausages)

let’s take you back to the concrete yard, Rewind and feel the heat, Recline and take a seat

doo be doo dup dup.. etc
(apologies to J5)

So in less ridiculous fashion – a cool bar with lots of character – particularly in the antique filled basement – available for hire with a minimum spend on the tab.

Games and the School theme add an element of fun and make you feel a bit like a naughty schoolkid having a craft fag/snog/cider behind the bike sheds.

Bit of an odd location but would be a great venue with a bunch of pals. I’ll bring the bubblegum.

Check out my review of Old School Yard – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype


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