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I’ve not slept for days…

Was here for the Green & Blacks Chocolate/Tea/Coffee pairing and what a fascinating, informative, fun and hyperactive evening it was.

The venue is stripped down and simple in its decor, the backdrop to some serious coffee. Only a wall adorned with multiple clocks could possibly send you a little bit jittery.

So, after an introduction to the Chocolate making process, which I can’t begin to retell, an explanation of the types of Tea we would be trying from Postcard Teas and the different brewing methods and coffees on offer from Tapped & Packed themselves.

The tasting was blind and involved sipping some tea/coffee nibbling on a tiny bit of chocolate (ok stuffing our faces with the stuff) and then combining the two.

Now maybe I have a useless palate, or maybe I was just over-excited but my pearls of wisdom stretched to “this one is hotter than the last” and “it’s very choclatey”.

As a result I won’t go into too much detail on what we had except to say that the Sencha was extremely smooth and grassy, the Rou Gui oolong had a definite fruity taste, I thought peach, others apricot or even Kumquat. (I’m not sure I even know what a kumquat tastes like.)

The coffees were all good – and I dont tend to drink coffee these days – perhaps explaining my hysteria later. I was particularly impressed (as I think was the idea) by the siphon method whereby the chemistry set in brought out and the water is sucked up through the coffee to create the brew. There was a scientific explanation of how this defeat of gravity was possible but frankly I prefer to believe it is simply magic.

Check out my review of Tapped & Packed – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype


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