Casa Blue

Casa Blue
228 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA

Dirty – yes. Overpriced – maybe. Fun – for sure. The crazy decor does it for me everytime and while a goldfish bowl may not be a sensible vessel to drink long island ice tea from it is certainly a good way to get hammered.

The food is pretty average, well, the flatbreads were pretty horrible actually although I liked the mint dip. The Chocolate Brandy cocktail my friend had was lovely though – even with a hangover, like chocolate milkshake with a kick.

It’s a good, chilled people watching spot, that is if you can tear your eyes away from the pictures of mad staring girls, Afghani rugs hanging on the walls or stuffed foxes.

Yes, the toilets are foul but overall we liked the place.


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  1. I bloody loved this place and if I, with my hand-washing near-OCD, can tolerate those skanky toilets just to be there, then it must be good. Oh, try those chocolate brandy Alexanders… I had three. With a hangover. :o/

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