Feng Sushi

We took our seats opposite the large bust of Nelson Mandela at the top of the stairs alongside the Royal Festival Hall after a search around the surrounding area suggesting that Google Maps on an iPhone isn’t quite as infallible as they might suggest. 

Once in to this small, cafe style place we were slightly daunted by the comprehensive menu and over-eager waitress who wanted our order within seconds.  We were able to placate her into giving us a little longer and then suffered the pain of attempting to catch her eye for about twenty minutes before getting served.  Still, once the Bento box and Salmon rolls arrived they were pretty fresh and tasty.  Going for sushi with someone who won’t eat raw fish is always an odd one but luckily the fishcakes were plenty tasty to keep her full (and I wondered why I couldn’t remember much about them.)

It’s a fine place for a quick, light and reasonably priced meal before going to see something at the Southbank centre.

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One response to “Feng Sushi

  1. I never been to a Feng Sushi, and your description of the service is not drawing me there!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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