Qype: Wilton’s Music Hall in London

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Using a printed off map and directions, GPS on my phone, the kindness of strangers and (mainly) my natural sense of good direction I was able to find the tucked away gem that is Wilton’s. (There were also a few signs so it wasn’t actually that hard – although crossing that Cycle superhighway takes some nerves…)

Anyway, once there I was blown away by the crumbling facade and vintage feel to the place. Inside, with old tunes on the gramaphone I felt like I had been transported into Vichy France and half expected Rene to come bumbling out from the side room followed by a dishevelled Yvette.

It is magical, like nowhere else in London and as mentioned elsewhere here, in need of work and very much as endangered as a building gets.

We went to see The Coral play here and found the main music hall to be just as intoxicating as the bar – although the sound was noticeably far better from the balcony upstairs. What a unique venue to see something like this.

Check out my review of Wilton’s Music Hall – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype


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