Qype: Yu-foria in London

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Frozen Yoghurt seems to be taking over London like a (pro-biotic) virus and this new Yu-foria branch in Soho is possibly the best looking of the bunch that I’ve been to.

With more wood than a sauna and real foliage adorning the walls the natural look certainly works. Mind you, it wasn’t until Leo Bedford, the entrepeneur behind this place, pointed out they were as alive as the yoghurt that I realised they weren’t plastic – fed apparently with an intricate tubing system to provide water and nutrients.

I was there for an event arranged by Mathilde and Libby of ING along with Qype and we got to try some delicious (if less health-conscious) items off menu.

The Banana split was indulgence, with a sticky chocolate sauce mixing in with the chocolate fro-yo that did admittedly taste very much like it’s ice-cream equivalent. The cupcakes from Sweet Things were light and delicious and topped with the current Special Yoghurt Blueberry.

They had also created 3 interesting yoghurt based cocktails for us to try.

The Pina Colada with Mount Gay Rum and coconut flakes was refreshing, the Oreo based Cookie Monster pretty much undrinkably sweet and the Rum soaked pineapple they were serving as a topping had a kick to rival Nigel de Jong. I’d say it is perhaps best that they stick to yoghurt although the Irish Coffee cocktail containing Kaluha, Baileys, Coffee and yoghurt was absolutley divine.

This place is in a great location, the yoghurt is perhaps slightly sweeter than some of the other varieties I’ve tried but still refreshing and considerably better for you than a big old ice cream cone.

Check out my review of Yu-foria – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype


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