Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff is one of those places that I just keep hearing about.  I think it was SimonDoggett who originally pointed me in the direction of this unassuming little place in a side street near Vauxhall and when I suggested it to my friend who lives barely round the corner she leapt at the chance.

It really doesn’t look much from the outside, like any other local Indian restaurant really but inside you realise that the kitchen is probably twice the size of the dining area and that is surely a sign that says – food! above all else.. 

It’s BYO so we popped into the offie next door to check out their threadbare shelves and the supremly classy pair that we are came out with a few cans of Red Stripe.

“Have you been before?” well no “and why not?” a good question. As it was our first visit we were treated to bottomless naan and a selection of off menu specials which, frankly, is how I’d always like to be served.  Tell me what’s good and then I’ll know it isn’t my poor selection that is letting me down.  Plus I have a natural prediliciton to try EVERYTHING.

So we were recommended starters of Lamb Kofta and Chilli Paneer both of which were tasty and generously portioned.

Our mains were a goan chicken curry (we had been recommended fish actually but chicken was good), a spicy lamb dish, tasty Saag, Magic Mushroom rice and chilli and garlic naan.  The Magic Mushroom rice didn’t quite live up to it’s name but to be fair I think the giant Chilli on the ceiling would have given me the fear if it had done.

All the food was great, leaving us totally stuffed to the brim, even without resorting to extra naan, and it only came to about 15 quid each.

Raj nearly didn’t offer us desert because we hadn’t finished our mains but relented and we were treated to a childhood memory – Ice Pops!  Naturally I chose the Cola flavour and after several minutes of brainfreeze, numb tongue and then sugar syrup rush we decided that this was clearly the way to finish any meal – forget espresso.

I’d recommend booking because it isn’t a huge place and it does get rammed and I reckon with a group of more people you would get an even more varied feast.

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3 responses to “Hot Stuff

  1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t been for far too long. Need a Hot Stuff fix.

  2. Meg

    Really good photos btw….

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