Galvin Bistrot De Luxe

Galvin Bistrot De Luxe on Baker Street is celebrating it’s 5th birthday and it was as part of these festivities that I was invited along with some eminent food bloggers to a dinner showcasing some of their signature dishes over the years.

We were greeted in the cosy basement bar area by Sarah Galvin who explained the use of the space for Jazz nights and how the area as a whole had been extended from what used to be a car park.  It’s a lovely and unpretentious place, buzzing upstairs with friendly staff looking after the patrons in the elegantly decorated interior.

We were greeted with the house version of the French 75, a cocktail with the punch of a 75mm howitzer which was originally created by WW1 pilot Raoul Lufbery.  Champagne, lemon, sugar and calvados (which is the Galvin twist) make one mighty kick of a drink.  The house aperitif throughout the month of September, this will certainly get the tastebuds firing.

All the classic dishes we were served are back on the menu throughout September in celebration of the birthday and we had a meaty treat.

The Entree, a Terrine of ham hock & fois gras and onion confit was hearty and delicious and paired with a fruity Riesling.  An excellent, filling start to our meal that set the standard of high quality, rich ingredients.

The main course was a Pithivier of wood pigeon & quail, Chantenay carrots and a red wine jus.  The French take on a pie was immensely rich and full of flavour, the buttery carrot puree was fantastic and the jus a mouthwatering gravy.

Rich, meaty and fulfilling, just the thing for a night when the heavens had decided to open and shower a humid Baker Street with a tropical downpour.

The Roast Figs with Lavender Ice cream where a little disappointing, the figs losing their flavour it seemed; however, the chocolates flavoured with fresh mint were delightful.

Sarah Galvin was a delightful host and the evening was a great introduction to what the Bistrot has to offer.  Well worth getting down in September to help them celebrate..!

Thanks to Sauce Comms for the invite.

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