Lhamo’s Kitchen – Tibetan Cooking Class Pt 1

Lhamo’s Kitchen

So after having tried Tibetan food on a few occasions I decided that doing a cooking course would be a good way to spend my morning. Lhamo’s Kitchen offers 2 hour classes in different types of Tibetan cuisine, pretty much in his front room, and the first one we attended was to see how to make the Momo dumplings that I may have gone on about. We discovered that “Mo” in Tibetan means “tasty” so the dumplings are literally “Tasty Tasty.”

We made three different types of Momo which were: Vegetable, Cheese & Spinach and a sweet with a sugar and sesame seed filling.

Here are all the lovely ingredients:

The first thing we did was make the fillings. For the Vegetable Momo this consisted of:

1/2 cabbage, chopped

1 Large Carrot, peeled and grated

2 Medium sized onions, finely chopped

1/2 tsp salt

3tbsp oil (you can use any kind of oil)

1tbsp minced garlic

1tbsp finely chopped Spring onion (green part only)

1tbsp finely chopped capsicum

1tbsp finely chopped coriander

1/4 tsp crushed black pepper

Mix together thusly:

Spinach and cheese ingredients were similar : You can use any type of cheese, we used “Cow cheese” apparently.

Finally we made the filling for the sweet Momos which consisted pretty much of sugar and sesame seeds lightly fried:

The last job was to make the dough, the recipe for 6 people:

1/2 kilo of flour (any kind of flour is fine apparently, Lhamo makes his own by getting the wheat and grinding it down since he doesn’t trust Indian flour which might be dirty and have hairs in it…!)

2tsp Baking powder

300ml of Water (room temperature)

Mix the flour and baking powder in a bowl and mix well, slowly adding the water as you go.

Roll out the dough:

Using magical powers fold up the Momo dough with the filling so that they look like this:

Put them in the steamer.  Steam for 15 minutes (10 for the sweet ones) and eat. (you can also fry them for a minute each side after steaming if you like. 

That night I went to the LIT centre where they were showing the moving documentary “Murder in the Snow” and serving Tibetan Pizza to raise funds for their activities.

The film shows the first footage of Chinese border police shooting Tibetans as they try to escape across the mountains into Nepal. Shot by a group of mountaineers who were at a base camp and saw the refugees trying to cross before a 17 year old nun was shot dead. The Chinese government responded by saying the actions of the soldiers was “normal border procedure” which begs the question how many others have been killed attempting to gain their freedom.

You can watch it here

On a lighter note, the Pizza, I suspect, is Tibetan because it is cooked by Tibetans rather than being a traditional dish. With a thickish base and a spinach filling inside and tomato and cheese on top, it was interesting without being fantastic, although it was served with mash potato, which was nice.


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  1. gastrogeek

    just started watching “murder in the snow” thanks for the link – moving stuff. Good to see an authentic recipe for momos too.

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