Vijay’s Universal Yoga

Down some steps leading into the valley in the Yongling school complex of Mcleod Ganj is a room where Vijay holds his Universal Yoga sessions twice a day.

I’ve dabbled with yoga in the past but this was a class that really had me working and enjoying.

Vijay himself is a slight Indian dude who doesn’t speak particularly good English but who has an excellent routine and even drops a couple of jokes into the mixer from time to time.  Still, I found myself every time during the relaxation mis-hearing him.  Working his way up from the toes he would recant, relax the feet, relax the ankles, relax the shin bone and so on until I always heard “relax the bollocks.” I’m pretty sure he was actually saying “buttocks” though.

The session consisted of some warm up stretches, a couple of variants on the Sun Salutation and several other Hatha poses before finishing with some Pranayama breathing exercises and relaxation.


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  1. I hope you’re not relaxing your bollocks TOO much, Ian! ;o) X

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