Triund Part 2

So after our first exhausting hike to Triund I didn’t particularly expect to be going again but after chatting to a few people and hearing that actually the best thing about the trek was staying overnight up there and sleeping under the stars I was pretty easily persuaded when a gang of people were heading up there the following weekend.

Given reassurances that the pace would be slower and that we would stay and have fun we set off from the Peace Cafe after a leisurely French Toast taking a different route from last time.  Tipa road is perhaps a bit longer than Tushita Road but significantly less steep and exhausting, in fact our route in general seemed a lot more straightforward and didn’t involve us walking through what I remember as a field of sharp boulders.  Unfortunately we also didn’t have any dogs with us on this walk, presumably because of the size of our group.  There were some Monkeys sat in a smouldering waste bin though.

We spent five hours getting to the summit this time, arriving just as Heather was descending having got to where we were staying and further but deciding that wasn’t enough and getting back again.

It rained not long after and we took shelter in one of the Chai huts.  Sitting on the muddy earth that we had been offered as a spot to sleep things weren’t seeming too rosy until the rain began to dissipate, the sun came out and a rainbow formed in front of the mountain.  It was almost a double rainbow at one point, pretty intense.

Managing to get a room at the government guesthouse since whoever booked it hadn’t turned up we waited for sunset and the mountain to turn a beautiful colour.  It got dark very quickly but a campfire was up and burning and the Old Monk rum was passed around to keep the chill away.

Overnight the sky was so clear with stars everywhere, shooting and otherwise; it was almost too crowded to make out the constellations.

In the morning we were up early for the sunrise. Perhaps a little too early as we sat on a rock for what seemed like an aeon before the golden orb appeared from behind the highest ridge of the mountain.  Photos courtesy of Jimmy since my camera ran out of battery at the key moment.

We had a dog with us for this actually, waiting patiently for the rise and barking at anything that came remotely close.  He perhaps should have left the old woman alone though, she took one look at the mutt, shouted, picked up a rock and hurled it after him.  He whimpered off down the slope and reappeared a few minutes later from behind the boulder we were sitting on, pride dented and less convincing as our guard.

We hung around up there for a large portion of the day, some of our group venturing further to the Snowline while the rest of us played daft games and enjoyed the view.  We did arrange a date for Bagsu cake (of which more later) but we were late and in the wrong German Bakery.



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2 responses to “Triund Part 2

  1. Oh my GAAAAAAD, a double RAINBOW, what could this MEEEEEEEAN? Oh man, I was crying at that clip; hilarious. I saw a double rainbow over the Thames a couple of years back. They’re beautiful and rare. But not THAT much. I want half of what he’s had. Glad you got another dog for the day. As per my text, I’m trading places with you. Next up, Camels – YAY! xx

  2. p.s. “There were some monkeys sat in smouldering waste bin though.” Not a sentence anyone’s ever likely to type again. Although if you sat a monkey a typewriter for long enough maybe he would… anyhooo… x

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