Paul and the Dharamkot Dogs

After our successful excursion to Triund we decided that we should go and take the shorter walk up to Dharamkot waterfall which had been recommended as a spot for a swim.

In our smaller group we managed to acquire 2 dogs but one of them ditched us for another group of trekkers and it was only the loyal Paul who accompanied us the whole way.

The walk up overlooked a different valley so it was a whole new viewpoint and the path itself was less well worn with many slippy segments and bits of loose slate to negotiate.

It was worth it for the first clear water I have seen here and while cold it was nice to take a brisk dip.

Posing for a photo we look a bit like folk band Paul and the Dharamkot Dogs. (Photo credit Jimmy..!)


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  1. You totally made up that folk band – I googled it and everything! XX

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