Dalai Lama Teachings

As the home of the Tibetan Government in Exile Mcleod Ganj is also the main residence of the Dalai Lama when he isn’t travelling elsewhere in the world.  His role as spiritual leader means that he teaches regularly and when in Mcleod always has some days in the Tsughlakang monastery complex giving lectures to monks, pilgrims and tourists alike.

As my first real introduction to Buddhist philosophy and with the topics including The Fundamental Wisdom Treatise on the Middle Way by Nagarjuna (read more details that I wrote at the time here) which is considered relatively advanced, coupled with the poor translation service we listened to through headphones on our 100 rupee radios it wasn’t quite the enlightening experience I was hoping for, but it was still so good to see him in real life.  He has such a presence, even in the short walk he took from his special car.
Considering what he personally and his people in general have been through you can understand why he is considered to be an enlightened being with his easy manner and constant smiles.


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