I left Mcleod Ganj for the second time, and this time with no expectation of returning.  I was heading to Rewalsar, a place that a couple of people had recommended that was slightly off the usual track .  It is a small town centered around a man made lake which is holy to Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs alike.  I stayed at one of the Buddhist Monasteries which was cheap but rather dirty, after taking a cold water shower in the filthy shared cubicle I felt more unclean than when I had gone in.

The town itself was lovely though, still many Tibetans around and so Momos were available everywhere!  I had met a Spanish couple on the bus and then managed to find my other friend who had already discovered there was a bus to the top of the hill nearby where there was a Hindu temple.

It was a stunning sight, particularly on such a bright, clear day.  Not only is the colourful temple delightful but the view all across the horizon of the Himalaya is breathtaking.  We walked back down the hill, past the cave where Guru Padmasambhava meditated and made this place the Buddhist pilgrimage site that it is.  I was kind of expecting an old spiritual kind of thing but it was dominated by a large gold Buddha statue and had flashing lights on the altar which put me off quite a bit.  Well worth a day stop off and from here we took another local bus to Shimla.



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3 responses to “Rewalsar

  1. John Allen

    OK I’m a little confused, your publishing these blogs in a random order?

    Yesterday was shimla, today is before shimla, and how long ago was this, I thought you were in Goa for new year, did you go back up to the north, or did these blogs happen 2 or 3 months ago?

    As far as Momos go, they are great, it was my really different culinary find in India, that and Masala Dosa, and Thalis, and…. OK it was my only non Indian culinary find in India.

    Final question, where are you now? In the south? Kerala is nice and Kanyakumari is a uniquely Indian bit of tacky tourism. In case I spelt it wrong, Kanyakumari is the town on the very tip of India.

    • Yes John, they are in a random order. Well not entirely random but slightly out of sequence as I made clear from the Facebook title *tut*. I haven’t blogged about Goa though yet as you might have noticed so that’s just you having insider knowledge. These blogs actually happened in October so I’m behind alright, but replying to these comments isn’t helping me catch up now is it? I’m actually in Pondicherry right now, which was alright for a day but I’m leaving tomorrow because there is only so much steak I can eat. Laters!

      • john

        I didnt see the link on facebook, until now, im really posh and subscribed to the blog so it sends me emails and everything.

        Anyway now i understand, I think!!

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