A Wasted Day in Jaipur? Not when there’s a good meal at the end of it…

After Fred’s’ final fiasco following the filming there was a bit of a party at the hotel.

In the morning Fred had told us to meet at 9 because part of the group were heading back to Pushkar and we wanted to see them off while four of us would be going to do some sightseeing.  After missing out on sleep, no transport was actually provided until 1 o’clock and we were still not clear what time our bus to Agra would leave.  We ended up paying for another night at the hotel in order to leave our bags and have somewhere to crash because the place was so grotty there was no way you would leave stuff at reception.  After much faffing we decided to take a local bus up to Amber Fort which I had heard great things about, however, by the time we got there and ate some deep fried snacks, the Palace was only open for another half an hour.  We were so impressed with the structure though that we decided there and then to come back after Agra (or perhaps before if Fred didn’t sort his life out).

Just as this alternative plan seemed to be coming to fruition we heard from him that we had to collect our tickets from a travel agent.  After taking a rickshaw to near the Polo Victory cinema (following his directions) we walked up the street which was lined with travel agents, of course, the one we had to go to was the one with no English writing, only a sign in Hindi.

One side effect of this ridiculous faffing was that we stumbled across possibly the best restaurant I have been to in India.  Bikaner Bhojnalaya didn’t look like much but smelled great as we walked past and we ordered a selection of dishes.  A Bikaner Special of stuffed tomato and capsicum, deliciously light, fruity and coconutty Navratan Curry crunchy papads and great chappatis.

The Chef, who had remained stern faced, barking out orders at his staff throughout our meal from his little kitchen booth at the front of the dining area.  When we thanked him profusely he was so reluctant to crack a smile but you could tell he was delighted, and so he should be because his food was terrific.



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2 responses to “Jaipur

  1. hey, being a resident of Jaipur, i thank you for depicting the city so well. and in case u guys r coming back here after agra, as u have mentioned, i would b happy to show u guys around. would b a bit of a self discovery for me too! mail me at arkadev.ghoshal@aol.in. oh, and pls don’t b skeptical. no strings attached here, i promise.

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