Bloggers Barbecue at the Ship Wandsworth

Being chastised immediately on arrival at the Ship by the lovely Gail for not Blogging enough, it seems prudent for me to counter that vicious, if entirely accurate, claim with a post about the wonderful evening that we all just spent there..

I’ve liked the Ship for a while, having been to a couple of masterclasses at the place and, while it’s kind of tucked away, the location is great, down by the river and no distance from Wandsworth Town which is pretty easy for me to get to unlike most of London from where I’m staying at the moment.

It was great to know that there was going to be a bunch of people there who I hadn’t seen for months as well, even if my London head isn’t really on again yet, and may not come back at this rate.  My Blogger head certainly wasn’t really on, my camera remaining firmly in pocket the entire night..

So anyway, I won’t reel off a list of bloggers present, I didn’t meet half the assembled anyway, but it was a thoroughly pleasant bunch with literally no maniacs present at all.  I can skip over that part and allow myself more time to wallow in the food; the food that left me so full that I wasn’t able to carry on drinking the lovely Sambrooks Wandle ale or even find room for the cocktails on offer.

~ To Start ~
Smoked Fish Platter with Chili Squid, Chorizo, Pea and Fennel Salad and Oysters

The smoked fish was a wonderfully presented platter with huge rock oysters, salmon and haddock as well as tuna fishcake things  on little cracker whatnots.  Initial yum factor kicking in nicely, we didn’t have long to wait before the next course of more traditional barbecue fare came rushing out behind.

~ Miniature Mains ~
Sliders with Bacon and Cheese in a Homemade Bun
Cocktail Sausages, Mustard Mayonnaise Dip
Butterflied Lamb leg, Rosemary and Chilli Jam
Trimmed Dingley Dale Pork Ribs, Smoky Coca-Cola Sauce
Falafels, Homemade Sweet Chili Dip
Platters of Mixed Salad, Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese, Fries, Coleslaw and Nicoise Salad

Where to start with this lot.. I’ve been informed that the “sliders” were more mini-burgers than bone fide “sliders”, but since it was the first time I’d come across the term (they don’t eat beef in India ALRIGHT?) I wouldn’t have even known what it meant.  They were very tasty and smothered in gooey cheese.
This is just another example of the battle I have between my self-destructive side and the part of me that wants to become some sort of enlightened yogi.  I can’t have everything though, so on Tuesday I chose burgers.  The falafel was good as well though, and that would probably fit into a sattvic diet, but really, who am I kidding.
In fact the best part of the mains was undoubtedly the most meat-oriented and probably unhealthy, given the coca-cola sauce which was of course all shades of wrong on the one hand, and all shades of right on the other.  There is no middle way here, apart from maybe the lamb, that was nice, with a dipping jam, I mean it’s not quinoa but it wasn’t fatty..

~ Desserts ~
Summer Fruit Eton Mess
Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream
Jaegerbomb Jelly

Yes, you read that last one correctly; and amazingly they were pretty nice.  I didn’t sleep especially well that night though so perhaps the red bull still did its evil work..
I really should have waited for the Eton Mess though rather than dive in with the jellies because the mouthful I had was in-credible, summer fruits and just mouth-watering. It was ultimately maddeningly frustrating that none of us could manage to fit more than a mouthful at this stage because it was one of my favourite parts and the plate we had was enormous.
So a very successful evening but like I say, I didn’t take any photos so you’ll just have to imagine; suffice to say, The Ship is somewhere I’ll be going back to.

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