Camel Safari – Day Two

The next morning saw a bright sun burning a beautiful sky and I awoke in a positive mood despite the problems of the previous day.

Riding in the cart, playing chess and being celebrities in every place we passed was very entertaining.  The only issue was not stopping for lunch.  It wasn’t really noticed at first but by 2.30 we were starting to get hungry.  Dharmo gave the reason that we had been unable to get water anywhere for cooking and we eventually stopped at 3.45 at a spot where we ended up staying for the night.  It was in a patch of land next to the modest home of a large family who came to see what was going on.  It contained the angel child who Esther began cooing over immediately and nearly adopted when he reamerged with a baby.  It transpired over the evening that whenever the baby began to cry this child was the only family member able to placate it.

We were also not far from the road and it was like a comedy sketch as people kept stopping their vehicles, getting out and coming over to say hello or, more often, just stand around staring.  We had cars, bicycles, an autorickshaw, motorbikes, a tractor, a jeep and a small truck all stop and a bus slow down so that everyone could wave.  The family set up a fantastic, intense fire from the most spindly branches and we sat around having limited conversation and showing them videos on Thomas’ laptop.  He very nearly made the mistake of showing them ‘Moo‘ Probably not a good idea in a Hindu country where the cow is holy.


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