Camel Safari – Day 3

Day 3 wasn’t so much fun, I awoke feeling unusual but chose to start riding the camel.  After an hour of solo riding through the countryside and small villages I started to feel a little shaken up by the jerky motion of the beast so I decided to switch to the cart.  I’m glad I did because it wasn’t long before we hit Merta City which was super hectic even on the cart and riding a camel with limited experience or instruction would have been way too much.  Koen managed it but I think he was probably a camel man in a previous life.

When we stopped for provisions we were accosted by some journalists who wanted to take our photo.  The next day we found ourselves front page news, I guess not much happens in Merta City.  The rest of the afternoon I got more pissed off with Dharmo as we continued down a main highway the whole day with trucks hurtling past and beeping their horns.  We stopped for lunch in a ploughed field with a small patch of shade and overall the whole experience wasn’t really what we were looking for from the trip.

Dharmo did try and make it up to us that evening by buying drinks and in the end the night was quite alright, we were pretty much alone with only the noise from a ridiculously loud TV in the nearby roadhouse disturbing us.


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