Camel Safari – Day 4

Having taken on board what we were after and coming to terms slightly with the fact that we were behind schedule, Dharmo took us on some more quiet paths and we spent a relaxed day stopping for lunch at a waterhole where hundreds of sheep, goats, buffalo and cows were being led in a procession to drink.  Different herders took turns to approach from different angles and it was a phenomenal sight to see such dramatic activity playing out, and then, as soon as they had come, they left again and the pool was peaceful and still.  In the evening we stayed at a farmhouse where we arrived after dark due to trying to make up time.  Riding after the sun had set was not a particularly fun experience, again Koen showed his skill with a camel.

The family at the farmhouse was not so interested in us this time, at least until the morning and so we could relax and be amazed by the view of the farmhouse which somehow looked like an unreal painting in silhouette and could have been Kansas.

We also made the decision not to try and rush to Ossian which was supposed to be our destination but instead take an extra night and stop at Kerapa where we could also get the bus to Jodhpur.  This meant we could really take it easy.  We also recorded ‘Anything’s Possible (the Kamel Song)’ that Thomas and I wrote while on the camel cart with important input from the others.


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