Camel Safari – Day 5

Since thre was no rush we had an extended breakfast with sweet paranthas, chips and other goodness, took some time to wash and then set up the cart to be comfortable before setting off a little later than even we had intended at midday.  We took it so slowly and it was the most enjoyable day.  Stopping off at every village and checking out temples, lakes and so on.  So leisurely in fact that we didn’t really get as far as we intended and still had 7Km to go the next day.

The trip was fun but obviously had it’s issues.  I wouldn’t have trusted our guys to take us to the desert, they were relying on us for torches and we even ran out of candles on the last night.  The food was great though and they would probably be better served opening a restaurant. From the chapati balls baked in a cow shit fire to the dhals and curries to go with them we had an absolute treat every time we ate.

It was a fabulous test of attachment for me and also Esther after Dharmo left her sandals behind at one point.


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