Ko Phangan. Part One

I arrived on Ko Phangan looking for Yoga but not really knowing where to find it. Through my online and guidebook research I had seen there were a few places mainly on the West coast of the island which was also far away from the party central Haad Rin but there were other spots spread about as well. I took it as a sign when the only tout offering accomodation on the island while waiting for the ferry was a guy from the Laem Son bungalows on Sri Thanu beach, right on the West coast.

I wandered around the village and came across the Orion healing centre, a cute family run spot offering Yoga and detox courses with Reiki and massage. I went for a class here and although it was fine I knew it wasn’t going to be challenging when the girl taking the class was pregnant, my friend was doing her first ever Yoga class and the other girl there was in the middle of a detox. It was a nice setting though and the teacher was very friendly and introduced us to her son who was running around the place.

I also found the Art Cafe which had adverts up for all sorts of Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing, Cosmic Energy Massage and every wonderful and unusual form of alternative practice you can imagine. They sold home detox kits and advertised Colloidal Silver, Gold and Platinum that you could drink for various benefits.

This was my bungalow and view from the beach, so yeah, I figured I was in the right place.

I gradually became introduced to a Yoga school called Agama which I started to attend, but that will require at least one post of its own…


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