Ko Phangan Part 4

In the meantime, hanging out with Nadine was keeping me sane. She was at the end of an 18 month trip away from her work as a social worker in a prison.  She had spent it in India and Nepal as well as Thailand, meditating, studying yoga, doing detoxes,teaching children yoga at an orphanage in Kathmandu, and despite still suffering from some feeling of not deserving love, she is a total sweetheart who I think, actually, everyone falls in love with. We went to a local fair and to a beautiful sunset spot as well as to a fabulous home made ice cream parlour where we were served the goodies in a coconut.

Mainly, though, we just hung out at the bungalow restaurant on our net books, ordering coffee and going for an occasional swim.

That is, until we decided it was time to do a brown rice diet.

It took us a while to commit to it but once we did it was full power – the Oshawa No 7 Macrobiotic diet is the most extreme of a series of diets that the Japanese nutritionist devised. Number Seven is a ten day course that supposedly completely cleanses the blood.  It is a diet where you should only eat foods which are Yang in nature, that is, the masculine, solar energy.  Given what we had available we were limited to brown rice, garnished with sesame seeds and soy sauce, miso soup, oats with water sweetened with bee pollen, black or mint tea and water which was converted from Yin by the addition of either Basil or Cinnamon.

It wasn’t an easy diet at times although I was quite impressed with my willpower which was actually improved when Nadine decided to break the diet after about three days. Once a system had been established and we had Good Times as our regular supplier of takeaway rice it was pretty straightforward, and it helped that Esmee, a Dutch girl at our bungalows had decided to join me, and also came to the Tantra course.  Munching on brown rice in the breaks where other people were bemoaning the fact that they didn’t have food at all definitely helped.  On day four or five I felt amazing, totally energised and with an intensity which was new to me.  As the days drew on I grew quite bored with the lack of variety and tired, although that may have been down to doing the Tantra course at the same time which was draining in itself.

We were taught to this principle to avoid losing Ojas:

The man should limit himself to between 50-70% of pleasure during sex to avoid getting too close to the Point of No Return where ejaculation will occur.  At this point stopping and using subliming yoga techniques like Uddiyana Bandha and the headstand which moves the energy away from Swadisthana Chakra.  These techniques are framed by the concept of offering to a higher place the fruits of the action.  Allowing the man to last longer also gives the woman more opportunity to reach deeper, longer lasting orgasm.  To really get the full power from the practice it is necessary to get into the role of Shiva and Shakti.  Shiva, the male, single pointed, steady force of the universe “bliss etc” and Shakti the feminine representation in material existence.  Everything that is, is Shakti, in movement and action.

The final exercise we did was a transfiguration where the guys sit in a circle and the girls move around sitting with each guy in turn.  Everyone holds hands and in the other’s face visualises the presence of Shiva, for the guys, and Shakti, for the girls.

This was such a powerful exercise.  It, and the meditation that followed, left me floating in Sahashara, the “crown Chakra” somewhere.  It was fascinating to see how different girls reacted to the exercise.  Some powerful, some nervous and some with a loving gaze.  They all meld into one at the end.


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