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More Progress at Brown Rice/Organic Bistro

Big progress is being made at Brown Rice – both in terms of the book and the restaurant.
There are pictures above of some of the dishes we have been cooking and some of the new additions at the restaurant such as the Citron Honey Soda which is made from special lime-like fruit that has been delivered from Bangkok – not available anywhere else in Chiang Mai right now…

We made Pumpkin stuffed with Thai custard – appropriate for halloween along with a number of other Pumpkin dishes – Fries with Red Curry Sauce and Stir Fried Pumpkin with egg and sweet basil.

Other favourites were the Gluai Khaek – or Deep Fried Banana and the “Son-In-Law Egg” Boiled and deep fried eggs topped with fried shallots and dried chili and drizzled with Tamarind sauce. So called because cooking an egg in Thailand, as most places in the world is considered the bottom line in cooking ability and this variation on a simple dish represents the Son-in-Law trying to impress by doing something a bit different. It’s very popular amongst children in Thailand.


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Qype: Thai Thai in London

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Went here with a couple of friends using a 25% off Gourmet Society offer and enjoyed it although it was nothing out of the ordinary.

The decor was lovely with authentic glasswork, wooden carvings and big windows giving a light and spacious feel and the service was friendly and attentive.

Our Singapore Slings while we were deciding what to order were fruity, helped by the blackberry on top and with a decent kick.

Starters of Crab, Prawns and “golden chicken parcels” were pretty good. The chicken could have had more spice for me and the Crab was described as “a bit like KFC”, although I’m not sure that was entirely an insult…

The enormous prawns were tender with perfectly done breadcrumbs and a melt in the mouth texture – definite winner, although probably leave the edible basket if you want to retain an appetite.

Mains were a prawn green curry, River prawns in pumpkin red curry and a garlic and pepper seabass.
The Green curry had a good flavour without being overpowering (although personally i prefer a bit more chilli kick) but it was lacking the small pea-aubergines.

The pumpkin was nice although perhaps had a little too much bite to it and the butterflied River Prawns were tasty to begin with but had a slightly charred flavour and were very meaty which left us unable to finish them

The seabass was nice if a little bit bland.

Overall, it was a good meal without being outstanding, perhaps I’ve become too accustomed to Thai food because it’s hard to be blown away by it these days but it was enjoyable none the less.

It’s location near Old Street is a plus though.

Check out my review of Thai Thai – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype

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