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Last “Special” dishes and party at Brown Rice/Organic Bistro

It was our last day of cooking, Wednesday, the day Duang closes the restaurant so he proposed that we cook all of the 10 remaining dishes. We didn’t quite achieve that but we certainly made enough to feed the friends that I invited along…

Next step is to tidy up the manuscript and then approach publishers (Duang has worked with one before).

Exciting times, although I couldn’t rest on my laurels too much since I had to dash over to Laos to renew my visa.


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Brown Rice/Organic Bistro – cookbook nearing completion…

Things are getting up a head of steam at the Brown Rice/Organic Bistro as we near completion of the Recipe Gathering stage of Operation Cookbook.

I’ve put a gallery below of some of our latest dishes and today we will be cooking up a lot of specials and having a small party to finish up the job… then it’s just a matter of writing it up and all the rest..!

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This delightful little new addition to the Polpo family just above the French House is a small, reasonably priced and atmospheric place with some excellent food on offer.

The duck and porcini meatball was delicious and moreish, with a sumptuous sauce that begged to be licked off the plate. It isn’t that sort of place though. The Melanzane parmigiana was, as my companion stated, the single-most umami thing in the world. Just bursting with flavour like you would not believe.

For the mains we got Crispy soft shell crab, parmesan batter and fennel salad which, apart from being dripped all over my companion was pretty good. It was the least exciting of all the dishes to be fair, the batter a bit too overpowering and the salad, while pleasant, didn’t really taste of fennel. This went with Zucchini fries, cut thin and a little salty but y’know, yum.

Then, after reminding the staff we had ordered two mains, the Grilled sliced flank steak with white truffle cream was just great. Truffle sauce was delicious and the steak was so rare and tender, this went great with the Polenta bianca, a creamy comforting delight.

Overall, lovely experience, the staff were a bit ditzy at times but the food made up for it. Just a note, they don’t take bookings in the evening so timing is everything…

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Qype: Trader Vic Restaurant in London

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I’m going to glaze over the irony that the dress code of this polynesian themed bar forbids shorts because once we were in the service was very friendly.

We had ended up here after a Foodie treasure hunt sponsored by My Kind of Phone, using our mobiles to take photos of various food related sights on the way from Covent Garden. A lot of fun that was too, but it was nice to finish with a canoe full of rum punch. Fruity and light this refreshing beverage was in sharp contrast with the Mai Tai’s which, while tasty were clearly extremely alcohol-heavy..!

Anyway, it’s a fantastic place, right by/underneath the Park Lane Hilton hotel with bamboo and woodcarvings covering every corner and setting the atmosphere wonderfully.

I hear this place has been going since the 60s and I can well believe it because of the attention to detail which doesn’t just settle in overnight – this place is pretty immersive.

The food we had was a selection of nibbles and it whet the appetite for more. Jucy ribs, delicious pork, prawns and some unidentified wonton – was it crab? was it cheese? who knew but some people were addicted..

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Qype: Thai Thai in London

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Went here with a couple of friends using a 25% off Gourmet Society offer and enjoyed it although it was nothing out of the ordinary.

The decor was lovely with authentic glasswork, wooden carvings and big windows giving a light and spacious feel and the service was friendly and attentive.

Our Singapore Slings while we were deciding what to order were fruity, helped by the blackberry on top and with a decent kick.

Starters of Crab, Prawns and “golden chicken parcels” were pretty good. The chicken could have had more spice for me and the Crab was described as “a bit like KFC”, although I’m not sure that was entirely an insult…

The enormous prawns were tender with perfectly done breadcrumbs and a melt in the mouth texture – definite winner, although probably leave the edible basket if you want to retain an appetite.

Mains were a prawn green curry, River prawns in pumpkin red curry and a garlic and pepper seabass.
The Green curry had a good flavour without being overpowering (although personally i prefer a bit more chilli kick) but it was lacking the small pea-aubergines.

The pumpkin was nice although perhaps had a little too much bite to it and the butterflied River Prawns were tasty to begin with but had a slightly charred flavour and were very meaty which left us unable to finish them

The seabass was nice if a little bit bland.

Overall, it was a good meal without being outstanding, perhaps I’ve become too accustomed to Thai food because it’s hard to be blown away by it these days but it was enjoyable none the less.

It’s location near Old Street is a plus though.

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